Saturday, 15 October 2011

Top 5 Free Internet Marketing Tools

The internet represents a a great platform for today's marketers and it also offers a variety of marketing tools to make marketing activities easier. I am always searching for new tools that can help in listening, research, content creation or any other marketing process, so I thought that noting some of these might be useful for you. Oh, and did I mention that they're free? Some of you might know a couple of them or all of them, and if you know some additional ones please share :) And here they are:

1. Google Insight - apart form providing alternatives for a given keyword (it also provides "hot keywords" - which have registered a high increase of searches), you can compare two or even more keywords to see the interest for them in a given period, and for a specific area. Even thought Google Trends uses the same data, Google Insight offeres much more information for marketers, so be sure to use it!
2. Website GraderBlog GraderTwitter GraderFacebook Grader - each of these generates a report for your website, blog, and social media accounts in which a multitude of aspects are graded. Additionally, if you are new to internet marketing you can figure out what you are doing right, what aspects you should improve or what to elements to further consider.
3. Google Alerts - a great monitoring tool, through which you can be up to date regarding content that incorporate certain keywords that you are interested in.
4. Google Keyword - is part of Google AdWords and it offers you alternatives of the keyword you choose to introduce in the box at the beginning, together with other scores as competitiveness and monthly searches for the respective keywords. Considering these aspects you can better target the keywords you want to be ranked for or when you have to create a payed search campaign.
5. Social Mention - it can be interesting for you to try it out, it is like Google Alerts only just for social media channels, it provides information on many aspects including sentiment and passion (which I personally found interesting), sources, top keywords, top hashtags, top users etc.
Bonus: Google Reader - now even if this is not exclusively related to marketing processes, I advise you to use this tool in order to always learn about the trends and news in the marketing field, especially considering that internet marketing is changing as we speak, new tools, methods and platforms appearing every day.

Again, these are just the main free ones that you definitely should use, many more being out there and many more being developed. If you know of others please do share :)

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